So Long I Guess: An Editor’s Goodbye

Justin Romero

In 8th grade, my counselor put me in a creative writing class known as journalism. In this class, I made a few friends and made articles about things I was interested in. None of these were ever published, but I did make some comic strips for the newspaper, which were enjoyed by me and the few friends I mentioned earlier only.

A similar thing happened at the beginning of my senior year. I asked my counselor if I could be put into a creative writing class, and they signed me up for journalism in front of my face and told me it was a good substitute.

I found that this class was a lot different than that strange class in middle school. The environment was supportive and it actually mattered that my articles were published. As much as I didn’t care for journalism, I actually had fun and learned a lot from this experience.

I’m sure if I was put into that creative writing class, I would’ve complained just as much as I did in this class, so I guess it didn’t really matter. I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to take this class, because it made me realize that the experience is everything, and I enjoyed this one.

I wish everyone who continues taking this class the best of luck, and if you’re not, then cool.