April 15th: A Special Prom for Special Ed

Perla Espinosa

One of the most iconic events in high school is prom. Prom is a dance for all seniors, juniors, and any guest that the seniors might bring. Waiting years for a dance makes it a memorable occasion for most. This is a day that everyone should be able to experience.

The one big difference of the special ed prom is that every special ed student can go, not just seniors and juniors.  The special ed prom took place April 15th at Sultana during school hours in the gym. 

Special ed prom planning started April 11th, but ASB has been planning since the beginning of the school year.  Caleb Pullen, an ASB member, stated, “I am a sophomore so I personally haven’t set up a dance like this but I know that ASB has.” 

The dance was Neverland themed and due to all the planning was very easy to set up. Caleb says, “It wasn’t that hard. It took us a few hours to set up with all of us helping.”  

One of the many things that Sultana has always been good at is being inclusive. Caleb says “The special ed prom is to make everyone feel included and sometimes not everyone can go to the prom even though they are invited because they need someone with them or they need to be with their parents… so that is the purpose of this.” 

Flashing lights and loud music isn’t ideal for everyone.  Madisyn Voyer says “All the lights, like homecoming, was not special ed friendly because there are so many lights and so much is happening and some kids can’t handle that. But this is way safer because they have lunch time, they have their parents here with them, and they can feel themselves and their parents can watch them and kind of experience it with them.”  

Special ed prom has been a tradition at Sultana. And it feels really good to be back to celebrating everyone after a couple of years of quarantine.


Students dancing with their families. (Photo by Cheyenne Kimball)