Sandy Hook Settlement: Families of the Victims Receive Closure After Ten Years


Amerie Fortune

It happened on December 14, 2012. Students, teachers, and administrators went to Sandy Hook Elementary expecting the day to go by as any other school day. However, at 9:35 am Eastern Time, a former student named Adam Lanza, then 20 years old, broke into the school and began shooting. 

Before first responders could arrive at the scene, Lanza ended up taking his own life. In total, 20 students, 6 teachers, and Lanza’s mother were killed. The total casualties were 28.

Following this event, the school ended up being rebuilt and the Lanza household was demolished. But because Lanza killed himself, justice could not be served to the perpetrator of this horrible crime. 

However, there have been efforts to acknowledge the shooting so that nothing like it ever happens again. The U.S. has been implementing newer gun laws in an attempt to counteract the possibility of students buying firearms. 

As well as this, Netflix released a documentary titled Lessons from a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane, to bring awareness to school shootings and their prominence in America.

Many parents were very upset about the fact that justice could not be severed nor could they have closure at all. But on February 22, 2022, finally, some closure and justice could be served. Many families of the victims sued Remington, the maker of the AR-15-style weapon, for $73 million. 

The lawsuit has been in court since 2014. The lawsuit made its way to the Supreme Court, due to the fact that the families pushed it there. The Supreme Court granted the 73 million dollars.  The families agreed that this was a measurement of justice. 

Francine Wheeler, the mother of Ben, one of the victims stated in an interview with the New York Times, “David and I will never have true justice. True Justice would be our 15-year-old, healthy, and standing next to us right now. But Benny will never be 15. He will be 6 forever because he is gone forever.” 

As we remember the people that lost their lives during that tragic day, some families finally receive justice and closure while others still feel like they haven’t. We must never forget and keep the memories of those people alive to this day.