Triumph in a Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet Reviewed

Emma Gregg

It is time again! Drama is putting on their spring show. This time, it is Romeo and Juliet, with some adjustments, of course. The drama teacher, Mrs. Kirk, chose to go with the classic play Romeo and Juliet because “I’m a Shakespeare nerd. It’s always been a story that I like and it’s the first Shakespearian tragedy to be performed at Sultana.”  Sultans finally get to experience a Shakespearian tragedy on the stage. But this isn’t your average Shakespeare.  

Mrs. Kirk decided to go for a punk/post-apocalyptic theme in her interpretation of the play because “It’s never been done before.”  Of course, she means never done at Sultana, but this is a cutting-edge interpretation of the play. 

Another change to the play is that the majority of the Shakspearian language has been modernized. Ace Allen, who plays Mercutio, stated, “It’s a lot easier to be able to remember and rehearse the new version of the text, but it is important to have the old text for more memorable scenes.” This will also help with the audience’s comprehension, but was a bold move considering Shakespeare is known for his language.

The drama club has so many good actors/actresses to do this play justice. The actress playing Juliet is freshman  Shyanne Bantau.  Shyanne states, “it’s a little terrifying because it’s my first year here. But at the same time, that’s what makes it fun and exciting.”

Shyanne was in The Addams Family musical as an ensemble character, so this is not her first time on stage. Shyanne stated, “I did some stuff in third grade, but this is my first time really getting into theater.” And what an entrance.  Juliet is one of the most coveted roles.  

Aiden Allen, a junior, plays Romeo.  Aiden was also in The Addams Family musical, as Gomez Addams.  It is clear why he received the leading role yet again.  Aiden is very talented and plays a convincing Romeo even though the actor reveals “I’m not a huge romantic so, I don’t feel that I connect to him that much, but he is a fun character to play.”  He is also a fun character to watch as the audience can attest to. 

The scenes between the two leads were greeted by more than one awe from the crowd on opening night.  Fun fact, the age gap between the two actors mimics the age gap between the two characters.  

So how does the cast stay calm under the pressure of performing a famous play? The cast copes with their nerves by drinking water, closing their eyes, and taking a deep breath” at least, that is how Jamie Fuentes copes.  The rest of the cast agreed and added in that a hug can help too.

When watching the play, one can feel the energy radiating off of the stage. This is because drama has become more than a club.  In fact, the members stated, “We’re like a family.”  That unity pays off when they are on stage together.  It is clear how comfortable they are with each other.  

All in all, the play was performed beautifully, but is was also visually pleasing. The cast looked amazing! The props and costumes had a nice flare to them due to the punk fashion/aesthetic. Mrs. Kirk did a great job incorporating the cast’s attributes so they did not have to change things like hair color or take out piercings. 

I can’t wait to see what the drama club has coming out next year and I hope to see more astonishing productions for, all in all, this tragedy was a triumph.  

Photo of cast taken by yearbook