Sultana Wresting and The Promise of Este Wade

Makani Robertson

Wrestling is a very competitive sport.  Here at Sultana, we have an accomplished combined girls and boys wrestling team. 

This year is the first year that the girl’s wrestling team has a full roster, which is an accomplishment for Sultana. In the past, there have only been a couple of girls in wrestling, and half of the weight classes were empty, which resulted in forfeits for a lot of matches.

 This year, on the other hand, there were enough girls so that almost every weight class was represented, which created the opportunities for Sultana to win more matches. 

Where does the wrestling team practice? The girls and boys team practice in the Sultana wrestling room.  There, they warm up by running around the inside perimeter of the room, doing a couple rolls followed by summersaults, and walking around in wrestling position.  

The team practices mostly beginner moves such as the “ Penetration Step”. For this move, you step forward, change your level, drop your front knee to the floor, slide forward, and grab your opponent’s leg while you step up.  

Wrestling is a complicated sport.  There are a lot of different positions and moves, and there are specific rules in wrestling that you have to follow in order to earn the most points.  

The California Interscholastic Federation, known as CIF, is one of the biggest competitions in wrestling. For Sultana Wrestling specifically, it is a very big deal. 

Este Wade, a freshman at Sultana and a wrestler, competed in CIF this year representing Sultana High, along with many other competitions.  

This is Este’s first year wrestling, but she’s been doing other sports similar for 3 years. The other main sport Este has been doing is Jiu-jitsu. She says, “Jiu-jitsu helped me with wrestling because it taught me how to move properly, and it teaches you how to work hard a lot.” 

Este wanted to get into wrestling because her brother wrestled when she was younger, so seeing him do it made her want to do it.  Her and her brother don’t really get competitive with wrestling because wrestling isn’t her brother’s main sport, so it’s “not that serious,” as Este says. 

Este plans on wrestling all four years of high school.  She states, “If I can go to college for wrestling, then that would be cool, but I don’t think I would wrestle professionally.”  Instead, she plans on going into computer science or Aerospace engineering.

 This year, Este competed at multiple duals (a duel is when one school goes against another school), a couple of tournaments outside of our league, post-season league finals, CIF, and Masters. In her case, not only did Este compete in CIF, but she placed. 

Before a match, Este gets into a good mindset by listening to music, hyping herself up, saying, “this is what we do, we come out here and wrestle hard.”    

So how does she do it?  Este’s family is her biggest support system.  Everything she wants to do, her family has always been there. 

Family isn’t the only support system Este turns to.  She loves to be a part of the group of girls in wrestling.  Wrestling is its own community and everyone gets along very well. 

Now that the wrestling season is over, Este is going to keep working for next season.  She’s going to do this by lifting weights, eating right, and going to practice.  Even though after school practices are over, Este is in the wrestling P.E. class.   

Este isn’t the only girl with a passion for wrestling.  Dayanara Ramirez, a freshman on the girls wrestling team says, “I like being in the team and the friendships you build. Also the fact that we all have the same mindset.” If this mindset appeals to you, check it out next school year.  

Este says, “GIRLS PLEASE JOIN WRESTLING.” You too can be part of Sultana’s wrestling legacy.