Apocalypse in the Sea


Tiffany Farias

The popular 2015 game Splatoon is making its second comeback. While the first game was released in 2015, the second Splatoon made its debut in 2017. Five years later, Splatoon 3 has its planned release date within the year 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon is a competitive online game that has its own unique combat style. The players control, customize, and power up their own inklings. This species of squid/human is unique to Splatoon. These squid kids are able to swim in ink (which is when they transform from kid into squid) and use their guns, paint rollers, splat bombs, stingers, buckets, umbrellas, and ultimate attacks to compete against the “bad guys”. 

When it comes to the actual competitions, there are technically three modes to choose from. The classic one that everyone has access to no matter your rank, is turf war. The projectile that is used in Splatoon is ink. You and the opposite team have two different colors of ink and turf war is basically, who has more of the map covered by their own color by the end of the round.

The other mode, which you are able to play when you reach rank 10, switches between three game types. They are Clam Blitz, which is where you collect clam shells to break the other teams barrier, Rainmaker, that is where you collect a special weapon and have to get it to the other teams podium to make a “touchdown”, and tower control which is where your team has to keep a specific piece of land “owned”, or covered by your team’s color.

There is also a Salmon Run mode where you take on hordes of slimy salmon and kill bosses for their golden eggs which your sketchy boss wants for unknown reasons. 

Teasers for Splatoon 3 were released recently. In one of the teaser videos, it was revealed that there were changes to Salmon Run. Instead of coming from a boat you will now be flown down in a helicopter onto the floating platform.  

There will also be brand new bosses from the originals Steelhead, Steel Eel, Scrapper, Stinger, Maws, Flyfish, Drizzler, and Goldie. The new bosses that were leaked so far are Fish Stick and Flipper Flopper. 

But that’s not all when it comes to Salmon Run’s future. They have changed basic mechanics as well. Instead of having to run to the “Golden egg basket” to deposit your eggs, you are now going to be able to throw/launch eggs to other players or straight into the baskets. 

Outside of Salmon Run there were shown to be crazy new maps and ultimate attacks. Your ultimate attack (in the first two Splatoon games) charges up the more you ink the turf. Usually the charged attacks allow you to either release mass amounts of bombs, roll around in an explosive ink ball, make it rain your teams ink, etc. 

Now in recent teasers they show new ultimate attacks like mechanical crabs that release ink, ink webs that allow the player to attack to walls and swing, and bigger better splat bombs. 

While the game has all these entertaining game modes, there is also a story mode that is getting a change as well. There will be a completely new mystery to solve on top of everything else that will be new in the game.

As for character customization, there will be more options when it comes to your inklings hair, starting clothes, skin color, and eye color. Not only that but you will now have your own small fry salmon buddy that is also customizable!

The theme for the new game is chaos. You will start in an apocalypse looking desert where you will choose your inkling’s appearance, then will take a train to Inkopolis Square where you will then be able to endure the battles between Squid Kids. 

Again, a specific release date has not been announced but it will be released in the span of 2022. It will be available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch only, until then “don’t get cooked, stay off the hook.”