Potty Training: New Rules at Sultana


Cheyenne Kimball

We have all realized that there have been new restroom policies at Sultana.  It is hard to miss the sign out sheets and proctors waiting outside the bathrooms. 

These changes have occurred because of people taking advantage of the previously relaxed school policies. When students start disobeying the school rules, new rules are created.

The original policy to go to the restroom was that all you needed was a hall pass.  But this school year, the new rules state that the restrooms must be closed at the first ten minutes of class and the last ten minutes of class. Also, students have to sign in and out of their classrooms when going to the restrooms, as we are all aware of and have adjusted to. 

More recently, there has been another new rule created where Sultana students are now required to sign in with a proctor when going into the restroom. 

This may seem like nonsense, but it is so the administration can keep track of each student that is going in and out, just in case suspicious activities are going on.  

Some students have been realizing that the proctors are only sitting outside the restrooms at certain times of the day. This could cause people to take advantage of the gaps in the schedule. 

The proctors feel like this isn’t necessary. Denise Mason, a proctor, states, “I’m not thrilled. It doesn’t seem like it does anything.” This is a feeling that is understandable.  Policing who goes in and out of the school restrooms sounds irritating.  Many people feel like having students sign in when using the restroom just doesn’t make sense. 

Another proctor, Victor Malon, feels like having students sign in and having to wait by the restrooms is an invasion of privacy. He believes, “This is very intrusive and it makes me uncomfortable, because I don’t know how the students feel about me waiting outside.” Victor feels that this makes the students feel like they are young and not able to watch themselves. 

Although these rules could help, it can get in the way of the students getting to class. This makes the students stay out later. It also gives them the opportunity to roam the halls knowing that the proctors are by the restrooms. 

Teachers feel like having students sign in and out is a good way to keep track of kids in case there is trouble. Matthew Sam, a math teacher, states, “Depending on the teacher, it is either pretty annoying or helpful, but for me personally, it is both. It’s helpful to keep track of where the students are going. But it is also annoying because if it is an emergency, you have to tell the students to sign out.”

Some teachers used to have students sign in and out to use the restroom in the past and it did help. Now, there are more issues. Krystle Garcia, a math teacher, says, “I got pretty annoyed because people nowadays would just tear the sign out sheet off of the door.” She was one of the teachers that used the sign out sheet in the past and has struggled with students abusing  it this year.

Students at Sultana feel differently about having proctors waiting outside as they are using the restroom. Some students feel like it’s not a problem because they aren’t hiding anything. However, others feel like it is a waste of time. 

Nathaniel Arthur, a sophomore, explains, “I don’t feel comfortable with a proctor being right outside the door, because I feel like I don’t need people to make sure I’m using the restroom right.” Lots of students feel this way. 

Students feel like having to sign out of class is not that big of a deal, but when it’s an emergency, it gets annoying. Samajae Newson,a  freshman, feels like this is not a big deal. He states, “I feel like it is completely normal for students to sign out, because it helps teachers keep track of where each student is at.” 

Although some students feel this way, many students don’t. Isiah Ayala explains, “I feel like it is fine, but it’s kind of annoying because some teachers make you sign out if you just have to step out for a minute.” 

People are pretty upset with the fact that they have to follow these  rules to use the restroom, but they are respecting them. If students start obeying these rules, then maybe we can eventually do away with these policies.  Until then, we have to live with these new policies.