Impending Breakup: Saying Goodbye to Masks

Cheyenne Kimball

On February 28th, Governor Gavin Newsome announced that starting March 12th of 2022, masks will no longer be required in schools. While they are still recommended, students and staff members will have the choice to mask up, or not.  

A concern that some people have is that this could cause Covid to rise again, which is a big uh-oh. Those worries have been considered though, as state officials have reviewed student vaccinations and the amount of cases that have been happening recently. After analyzing the key data, they realized that it would in fact be safe to take away the mandate. 

Some are finding this change scary, considering that Covid is still out there and an issue for the public. However, Governor Newsom states that California will adjust their policies based on the latest data and science, so the new freedom might not be permanent if we find ourselves in another extreme situation.  

Even though you are still allowed to wear a mask after the mandate is done, I doubt many people will. Chris, A junior at Sultana High School, says, “Thank God they are lifting the mask mandate. I was getting tired of these masks.”

As you may have guessed, many students, teachers, and staff have different opinions on the matter. Despite this, most of the school may be open to change no matter what direction is taken. 

Most teachers seem to be happy about the lift.   It is not wonder as they will no longer have to fight students about wearing masks appropriately. Mrs. Phillips, a French language teacher, is excited because now she can make ratatouille for her students and let them try it while watching the Disney movie. 

Some students have complicated feelings.  Alex Carrera, a junior, says, “I feel neutral, but I also don’t agree on the mask mandate being lifted. I do hope to not see an increase of Covid cases as a result of this.” We are all hoping the Covid cases remain low.  

This is a very fragile and anxious subject. Some parts of this anxiety come from insecurities. Mia Oceguada, a freshman here at Sultana, said that “I don’t really like it, cause I would have to show my face.”

While many care about the removal of the mask mandate, others, not so much. Freshman Mikalah Allen says, “I don’t really care about the mask mandate being lifted as long as everyone is safe.”

Sinai Pele, a junior is in favor of the change: “I agree with the mask mandate being lifted so that people may start to feel a sense of normalcy, and freedom, as it has been too long since we have had that feeling. I do not feel as though the mask mandate lifting would harm anyone as it is your choice on what you would like to do.” With the removal of the mask mandate, some may start to feel freedom once again.

Senior Madison Grubbs expresses a similar sentiment, saying, “It’s going to be relieving not having to remember to take a mask in the morning.  With students leaving their masks at home, less plastic masks will be seen scattered all over classroom floors.   Cutting down on the waste and litter caused by masks is an upside.

Our very own principal, Mr. Bird, has been waiting for this moment for a while. He states “I’m excited for the mask mandate to no longer be required at schools. It’s time to get back to normal.” 

With the mask mandate being lifted as of March 12th, 2022 for Sultana High School, students may feel more positive as we take a step to a more normal world. Despite the problems that may arise, at the end of the day, we can say that we gave our best efforts at feeling free again. Not only can Sultana High School use this lifting of spirits, but so could the rest of the world.