Sing, Again


Annabelle Lyon

The cartoon Sing has been a well liked movie since its release in 2016. Although the movie was made to mostly entertain kids, people of all ages have come to enjoy it just as much. I think that this is perhaps due to the amazing cast of singers.

A lot of times, a sequel that follows a well loved movie comes with a lot of expectations from its viewers. So when Sing Two was announced, of course people were wondering whether or not it would live up to the first movie.

After watching the new Sing movie, I could see that it kept up the tradition of a heartfelt storyline, except this time the characters are able to rediscover the true power of music and how it can heal a heart. 

I think that the original will always be the best because without it, you don’t actually have a story. So after watching the second, I can honestly say the first takes the lead.

Not everyone agrees with me. In fact, for some people, the second movie might actually be an improvement from the first. Senior Jessenia Acvedo says, “ It was honestly better than the first movie. The first one was okay.”

One of the most well liked aspects of the cartoon Sing was its constant pop culture references throughout the movie. In this sense, the newer movie did not let its audience down. It kept this well liked quality going into Sing Two. One of the songs that stuck out the most due to the bands growing popularity in 2022 is “Not Today” by BTS. 

Another great quality about the little cartoon is the sentimental core values of the main character Buster Moon and how his determination to not let go of his dreams can inspire children today.

Although people will have their individual opinions about what movie is better, we can all agree that the first movie’s best qualities surely shined through in its sequel. So if you haven’t seen it yet, take your little sibling to the movies and enjoy the film!