Cavetown´s Community Creation


Emma Gregg

Cavetown, an indie musician, is going on tour from March 22nd, until August 18th. Two artists, Tessa Violet and Addison Grace, will be touring with him.

Cavetown has been a musician since 2013. His real name is Robin Skinner. He has become a big influence on the indie community both musically and in helping others move on from past trauma as his music focuses on mental health, self-harm, transitioning, etc.

Robin is an amazing influence on the new generation. He is like a big brother as he creates a sense of safety, especially in his music. He is a transboy and his songs help many young men and women that are transitioning and struggling with the intense emotions that come with that.

An example of powerful lyrics come from his song ¨Talk to me.¨ The lyrics state, ¨Let your words release your pain/You and I will share the weight¨ This is good advice because that is a coping skill that can be done at any time, and is not self-harming. It also makes Robin seem like a kind and trustworthy person, continuing the thought that he gives off a big brother vibe.

¨This is Home¨ is a good example of a song that helps with past trauma. Not only does the song have an amazing message and mean a lot to his fans, but it seems as though it is also a sentimental song for him. In recent years he did a remake of the song and you can find it on YouTube called ¨Home.¨

It’s so cool that his audience can hear him changing and see him getting more comfortable with himself and his music. You can really hear his voice maturing throughout his albums. The difference is especially dramatic if you hear ¨Meteor Shower¨ then ¨Talk to Me¨.

Even though Cavetown has changed a lot through the years he is still an amazing artist that will continue to help others and keep them smiling. Many of his fans are excited to finally see him in person again as he goes on tour.