Longer Breaks, Please!

Lily Rodriguez

With all the chaos of school, sports, and life in general, downtime plays an important role in staying healthy mentally. Regardless of what you’re doing, breaks are needed to destress and recollect thoughts.

Breaks during the school semester are at most two weeks long. Fall and spring break are one week long and winter break is two weeks. Breaks should be longer. 

Time off helps divide up the year so it does not seem too much to handle. With slightly longer breaks, the school year would go by quicker. 

School stresses students out. With school everyday that stress and anxiety continues to build, breaks can help students destress. Students often look forward to breaks and enjoy them alot. Students’ mental health and motivation increases after a break. 

Bella Ryan, a freshman here at Sultana, expressed that “school breaks allow me to decompress, that way dropping my stress levels. I am then able to enjoy my free time. If we even had one week extended break it would be even better.”

This year, LA Unified School District extended their winter break to three weeks long. This was partially due to COVID. Regardless of motives,  it created a positive impact on the students well being and motivation.

A one week extension of winter break would’ve allowed extra time for people to get over COVID and come back to school healthy. When school started after break, most students did not even show up either because they had COVID or were afraid to be exposed. 

Breaks also allow students to spend quality time with family and friends. Michelle Dominquez, a freshman here at Sultana stated that “having that time to spend with my family makes me more motivated to go back to school.”

Family and friend time is important and breaks allow for family bonding. With shorter breaks, some spend that time with friends rather than family. During the first week of break, many prioritize appointments and things that need to get done making it hard to actually relax till the second week.  

Longer breaks or even more frequent breaks would make a positive impact on the students mental health and overall well being, thus making school a better, more motivated and mentally sound environment for learning.