The Release of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach


Tiffany Farias

Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, has done it again. Though he did not work on this game much due to the step down he took from the franchise, Security Breach still had the general feel of the original FNAF games. 

It was definitely a change from the classic games in which you are not able to step out of the security office. Usually, you are only able to scroll from left to right, use cameras, close doors, and (in FNAF 2) use a spare mask to trick animatronics.

In all the previous games, you are playing as a security guard but in this one you are exploring and saving yourself from evil animatronics as a little boy named Gregory. He is a homeless child who befriends the main star, Freddy Fazbear who for some reason wants to help Gregory and keep him safe. 

This game is fully free roam. It takes place in an incredible mall called the Mega Pizzaplex that includes arcades, bowling alleys, restaurants, performance stages, etc. There are also attractions specifically for the main characters like Gator Golf Course, Roxy Raceway, Mazersize, and Fazer Blast which leads me into the characters themselves.

The classic four characters that have always been displayed in games are Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. Unfortunately for some, Bonnie and Foxy have been replaced with the newest additions to the franchise, Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator. 

Roxy Raceway is designed for Roxanne’s character and of course, Gator Golf is designed for Monty’s. These new characters definitely caused distress to old Five Nights at Freddy’s fans. There is discussion over who is better out of original character Bonnie and his replacement Monty Gator as well as Roxy’s narcissistic behavior which fans did not like. 

Speaking of new additions, there is another new character that is completely original. He is a daycare assistant that appears to have a sun shaped head and has a very slim body that wears clothes like a jester. 

This character is a friendly animatronic named Sun who is programmed to take care of the children in the daycare. However, he has another side to him. When you first enter the daycare he warns you to keep the lights on, which the player ignores and does exactly the opposite. This action brings out Sun’s other side making him then become “Moon” who is not as nice as his Sunny side. He chases you through the play structure while your next quest is to find the switches and turn the lights back on.

In game, you are able to crawl through vents for what seems like a safe shortcut, but it turns out the vents aren’t as safe as you think. A little spider-like animatronic from Pizza Simulator (a well known FNAF game) named Music Man crawls after you in the vents making them a spot you cannot stay and hide inside of. Fans believe this little guy has a terrifying appearance. He can be seen with pitch black eyes, piano-like teeth, and a metal spider body. Though he does have a cute little top hat and gloves.

Music man, although he seems like a minor character, has also gotten bigger and better than before. Now introducing Dj Music Man! He is essentially a giant version of the vent crawling animatronic but now he’s a kids Dj and he is located by the dance floor. He has an amazing part in the game play as well. 

When you first see Dj Music Man he seems to be asleep, but after some exploring you’ll find that he has disappeared. You are then notified that the power is off and you need to flip three switches. During the search for these switches Dj Music Man can be seen crawling all over the walls and ceiling which, in my opinion, is the most terrifying part of the game. 

After successfully flipping all 3 switches you can then return to your main quest. Though if the player goes back to the dance floor you can see Dj Music Man jamming out to some music with his hands in the air. This is just a fun little detail you get if you want to investigate what Dj Music Man was doing afterwards.

Sadly for them though, Gregory has to destroy some of  these animatronics to be able to upgrade Freddy with their parts. This also causes conflict between fans while some say Gregory is actually the bad guy while others argue that he was just trying to survive the night.

Due to the lots of colors, buildings, rooms, and HQ graphics the game does have a lot of glitches. Sometimes the characters will go into one position and glide toward you completely ignoring the other compartments of the game. Other times you’ll just completely be airborne causing you to die. Fans are hopeful that the game becomes more patched over time since they did essentially release an unfinished game.

There are many possible endings you can get depending on the options you choose throughout the game. Those endings include secret ones that connect to the past games which fans were excited about. 

Past games have been based off of surviving five whole nights until 6am but this game just wants you to survive until 6am for one night. The actual gameplay does actually take 6 hours or more which is very atmospheric for players and really makes it feel like the real experience.

The game is currently only available on PC due to the mass amounts of data it takes. You are able to purchase it on Steam for $39.99. The game experience is one of a kind and you can tell how much time went into it despite the glitches. You are able to see the new and improved Freddy Fazbear along with Chica and their two new friends Roxy and Monty.