The Future of Soccer at Sultana: A Season of JV in Review

Isaac Ramirez

The boys soccer season has ended. Watching Sultana go against all of The Hesperia Unified School District was a fun experience. The last couple of games were stressful for JV. Let’s talk about those very intense games.  

The second to last game was January 31st against Serrano.  Sultana JV took a win with 1-0. Bryant Polmounter, a freshman at Sultana said, “I want to do more talking and communicating with my teammates.” Varsity also had a  game that day and beat Serrano  2-1. 

But let’s talk about a more recent game. Sultana had a game on February 2nd against Hesperia.  The game was good but the players said that they need to work on some of their shooting and ball control. 

Before the game Edgar Melesio, a freshman, at Sultana said, ”I get nervous when I’m with the ball and I don’t take good shots to score goals. The JV are a little scared to go up against Hesperia on February 2nd.”

The coaches were motivating and preparing the JV team for Hesperia.  After the game, the JV coach Isaac Martinez said, “It was a great game but there’s still some things to work on.” 

Hesperia  is a very good school for sports this year and they have been good in everything, but the Sultans were still able to beat them.   Even though it was an away game, Sultana took the win against Hesperia. The Score was 2-1.

This season for Sultan’s JV team was very stressful, especially for freshman but they finished strong. The teams overall record was 12 wins 7 ties and 3 losses.