Welcome to Sultana Mr. Castellanos

Cheyenne Kimball

  While we were all adjusting to being back on campus at the beginning of the year, we missed some new faces.  Steve Castellanos is one of the new English teachers at Sultana Highschool.  While he is new to Sultana, this is his second year teaching in the classroom.   

Mr. Castellanos has been enjoying his time at Sultana so far.  Castellanos stated, “I always thought that there is a need for student learning and development.” 

There are a variety of motives that draw teachers into the classroom.  Mr. Castellanos states, ¨I became a teacher because I always loved education and loved helping kids and now I help my students.” 

Turns out, teaching runs in the family.  Castellanos explained that he was also motivated to teach because ¨my wife, who is a teacher as well, always told me I would be a good teacher.” 

Becoming a teacher wasn’t an automatic decision.  Castellanos states,  “It took me about 5 years to decide to become a teacher because it was never on my mind.” 

After he decided to pursue teaching, it didn’t take long at all to get into the classroom.  Castellanos explains, “It only took me a year to officially become a teacher. The reason is because I already had my Masters degree so all I needed to get was my credentials.” 

Out of all of the subjects to teach, why English?  Castellanos explains, “I became an English teacher because I feel like there is a real need for kids to learn how to read and write.” However, English isn’t his only passion: “If I had to choose another subject to teach rather than English, it would have to be History because I have always loved it.”              

Mr. Castellanos does not plan to stop here.  He would like to be a professor one day. He states, “I have thought of becoming a professor but I would want to be one further down my career.” 

Mr. Castellanos has fit in seamlessly as Sultana.  Freshman, Victor Lopez says, “Mr. Castellanos is very good at explaining the work that we have to do.” 

Another student, Mary Garcia says, “Mr. Castellanos is very determined to make sure his students get the education they need for a great future. He explains things very thoroughly and he gives everybody a chance.” 

Victor thinks that Mr. Castellanos is more than just a good teacher. Victor states, “He is a very good role model.”

Teachers can make a big impact on their students. Their first year is one of the most important since it is the starting step to the following years. As sultans, we’re lucky to witness Mr. Castellanos accomplish his goals and start his path to success!